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More Than Just A Software Company.

As a company, we pride ourselves in bringing communities together. Founded in 2015, Symbol Inc provides modern technology to enhance humans and evolve their everyday lifestyles. We specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Ecommerce, Blockchain, Software, & Mobile App Development.


Where It pays to be an expert

SELF Edu is the first education hub offering courses in all desired fields. By allowing experts / instructors to provide content to our users we are able to provide content for all ages.


The SELF Marketplace

Selling An Organic Product?

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The SELF Marketplace

The SELF Marketplace is a 100% organic marketplace providing product owners a vehicle to market and sell to our users.


Self App

Become a Better You

A personal enhancement software/mobile application that guides you to your goals. This App will recommend the necessary tools and courses you will need to be successful in your desired field. For example if you want to become a clothes designer or build a social media business the app will create a “to do list” of courses and tasks the consumer would need to do to be successful. The software will also have the ability to learn each users behavior, food choice, diet, & much more. * Patent Pending


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