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About SELF

Become A Better You…

A personal enhancement software/mobile application that guides you to your goals. This app recommends the necessary tools, tasks, & courses you will need to be successful in your desired field. For example, if you want to be a fashion designer or build a social media business the app will create an exclusive plan (a “to do list") of tasks the user will need to do to be successful. After each task has been completed the app will reward the user with either Self Coins, Course Credits, & More.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, & Neuroscience the app will be able to learn each user by behavior to guide the user to guide the user & food choice to recommend a healthier lifestyle.



Get Fit Using Self

SELF-offers our users a fitness tracker to help keep track of all fitness goals. This function will track calories burned & consumed, supplement intake, Muscle gains & fatigue, & meal plans. Unlike most fitness trackers, SELF will reward our users in each step while they are getting closer to their fitness goals.

SELF Pass- The ultimate gym pass that gives access to any fitness center. This includes gyms & all fitness classes. Each user will receive a SELF Pass and will be able to use it at their discretion.



Improve Mental Health Using SELF

SELF will provide guides on gaining positive Mental Health for all of our users. Each user will be provided their own exclusive plan that will be generated through A.I. and survey answers the user provides. Each of our plans is custom made through knowledge of past and current Psychologists.



Spiritual Growth

Gain Spiritual Growth Using SELF

SELF promotes spiritual growth by using old and new traditions from cultures all around the world. We have incorporated from places like China, Russia, India, America, & Africa.


Health & SELF

Get Healthy Using SELF

SELF provides our users with recommendations to living a healthier lifestyle. Each user will receive a exclusive plan based on their current health status. We will provide both a holistic and medical approach for all our users.


The SELF Coin

Start Earning By Using SELF

The SELF Coin - A form of Crytocurrency that is rewarded to our users. Users will have the ability to earn by using the App. Each user will be given their own set of milestones and once completed they will receive a SELF Coin. Our coins can be traded on any platform and can be used to purchase goods & services. For example Gym memberships, Food, Health Care Services, Medication, & More.


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Become A SELF Influencer

Join us today and help spread the movement of SELF improvement. We are offering referral fees, free swag, & much more.